In short, our food delivery business is a little family owned gig based in Sippy Downs, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

We cook homestyle meals. It’s that simple.

Then we deliver them to your home, your office, your business or even to your Grandma in the over 50’s resort.

You’re probably wondering how that works… First we take your order online… If you cannot order online, you can contact us directly on 0415 371 615.

Then, we put together all of our orders, and build a big shopping list.

After we’ve got all the ingredients, it’s time to cook! We spend the best part of two whole days building the meals that we deliver to people and businesses all over the Sunshine Coast..


If you want to know a bit more about our background, well, let me tell you how we got here…

My name is Kimberley and I love food, beverages and the hospitality industry. From humble beginnings working in a takeaway shop at the age of 14, my love of people and food has grown to a mission of feeding people good, healthy food on a grand scale.

I’ve been in business since I was 20, operating franchise business, specialty coffee shops and in café.

It was 2019 when I really felt the pressure of being a mum, a partner and a business owner. The expectations were high. I’d be up and out of the house by 5:30am, serving customers, making coffee and cooking all day. Then I’d pick up the kids from school or kindy, get home to unpack lunches, do the washing, remake lunchboxes, try to squeeze some marketing in, then we start on making dinner.

If you’re a Mum working full time, you’ll know what I’m talking about here. Its suffocation and totally depriving ourselves of basic self-care needs.

I needed a way to feed my family and I had some requirements to make that work for me.

There had to be a good choice of meals.

I didn’t want to cook it, so meal kits were out of the question.

I definitely wanted it delivered at a convenient time of day.

It needed to have nutritional value, but also be something that my kids would eat (or at least try!).

I really didn’t care for counting calories, or supplementing noodles for zoodles, I just wanted real food.

There was nothing! Some of the restaurants and cafes would do home delivery, but that would be food delivered hot and to be eaten now. I needed supplies for the whole week!

*lightbulb moment*
This is a gap in the market that needs filled!

Fast forward to today, and now I find myself focused on delivering healthy food to scores of people on The Sunshine Coast.

Everyone eats, that’s for sure, but we predominantly spend time talking to residents living in over 50’s villages, business owners who are busy enough to delegate their dinner needs to us, busy families with fussy children and plenty of hard working single men who just don’t value cooking.

We are so grateful to be able to do this for the community and are looking to grow, to give back and to get involved.

Check out our Menu, we would love to hear from you!